Bangladesh Garments Accessories & Packaging

   Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGAPMEA)

President’s message for the website


Welcome to the website of the Bangladesh Garments Accessories and Packaging Manufacturers and Exporters Association ( BGAPMEA), the largest backward linkage industries (deemed exporter) as well as ‘A’ category Trade Organization with more than two thousand members. 

By the blessings of the Almighty Allah, I along with other members of the Board of Directors, have taken the charge of the Association on 26th May, 2024 through a direct election after 33 years of its establishment. We, the Board of Directors are expressing our heartiest thanks and gratitude to all the members of the Association for being support us. 

The 1st Garments industry was established in 1980 and later on while many industrialists started RMG business then in 1990, finding good prospects, few patriotic industrialists started accessories and packaging business. During these 33 years, on an average 59 accessories and packaging industry was established per year. Due to support of this sector, Bangladesh is now the 2nd in the world for exporting RMG.  On average, 16 to 18 % accessories and packaging products are needed to complete a RMG product. As per this share, last year (2022-2023)  our export was 8.12 billion USD where 1.12 billion USD was direct export. Presently, our members are exporting 18 types of our products to 20 countries. In this sector we use more than 300 raw materials to produce nearly 45 types of accessories and packaging products. Although, the present flourishing of the RMG sector is due to cent percent support of accessories and packaging sector, but this sector is getting limited Bond facilities from the Government. The Government, considering the importance of this sector, incorporated similar facilities for this sector in the National Export Policy, the National Industry Policy and the Textile Policy which is given to RMG sector. To keep up sustainable growth and to protect the interest of our member industries, we, particularly Board of Directors, should have to pursue the Government for implementation of those sections of the policies favorable for this sector. The Government set 100 billion USD export target by the end of 2030. To achieve this target,  this sector has to earmark 15 billion USD export by that period. 

The BGAPMEA is the member of the Asian Packaging Federation (APF) & the World Packaging Organization (WPO) at international level. At national level, it is the member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber & Commerce Industries (FBCCI), the Exporters Association of Bangladesh (EAB) and also the  RMG & Textile Industry Skills Council (RTISC)

By the end of 2025, while Bangladesh will be considered as a developing country then our direct export will not get duty free and quota free entrance to the developed countries including EU, USA, UK and others . To compete with other export countries, we have no other ways than to develop the quality of our products and to diversify our products. With a view to help this sector, particularly our members, BGAPMEA has set up a Testing Laboratory at the same address of its Association Secretariat where 8 types of tests for cartons can be done with the cheapest price. We have plan to upgrade the Testing Laboratory for testing the accessories items. 

As per WTO agreement, while Bangladesh would be considered a developing country then the Government has to stop cash incentive towards our direct exporters. Then to keep the price lower in the international market, our production cost should be reduced to a significant level. At the present situation of high dollar price, shortage of dollars, increased price of raw materials, it is only possible by increasing the productivity of the companies. With a view to increase the productivity of this sector and to create a skilled manpower in this sector, the BGAPMEA has started training courses at the BGAPMEA Institute of Packaging and Accessories (BIPA) where we will start different courses on Accessories and Packaging. 


The family members of the members of BGAPMEA and their employees enjoy discount in most of the medical services from Evercare Hospital (Dhaka & Chittagong) and United Hospital as we have Corporate Agreements with them. 


The employee of the member industries of BGAPMEA get maximum compensation for death or partially disability,  if they make yearly basis Group Insurance through the Association in cooperation with Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd. 


To promote the product and to find buyers from global arena, the one and only Garments Accessories and Packaging Expo (GAPEXPO) is organized by BGAPMEA every year at the first week of January. On average Exhibitors from 18 to 20 countries participate in the GAPEXPO. 


Both the members of BGAPMEA and the members of Indian Importers Association Bangladesh (IIAB) can find genuine Exporters and Importers as we have MOU between us.

To raise our logical demands to the Government  and to disseminate the information of our activities, we are now publishing ‘Apparel Accessories Newsletter’ in quarterly basis. To motivate and convince our members as well as stakeholders, we are now regularly printing and distributing Diary, Member’s Directory. We also wish all of our members, well-wishers and buyers in the occasion of New Year, Eid ul Fitar, Eid ul Adha, through Greeting Cards.

We would like to stay with our members and would like to be an important share holders of the economy of Bangladesh. 


The producers and exporters of garments accessories and packaging are always welcome to be a member of BGAPMEA.


May Bangladesh live for ever. 


Stay well with full of joy .


Khoda Hafez.


Thanking you all. 


(Md. Shahriar)